Who are we?

We are customers. We are users. We are clients. We are the inhabitants of the digital planet where we live, work, buy, sell… We are the ones who do not have time… We are the ones who are in a hurry … We are the ones who need information right this instant. We do not have time to wait for the first free operator to call us. We don’t have time to leave a message … We don’t have time to find the one we need in the sea of emails… Sometimes we don’t even have time to talk…

That’s why we created SlickTech, a creative team that sells what we all lack the most – time. Yes, time! Guided by negative user experiences in many fields, marketing strategies and the development of digital technology, we create chatbots and marketing automation. We offer unique solutions that will buy you time.

Imagine a situation where you have time to dedicate to the development of your business, while the network of your satisfied clients is expanding. Do you like it? You don’t have to imagine anymore. Our team is improving, educating, and expanding every day in order to push the boundaries of what has been achieved and solve your problem.

Why us?

Because we

Yes, we know what it means to achieve goals, we also know how unstable the market is in uncertain times. We know what business improvement means, and how much energy it takes. Creating our own brand, we go through the same questions and similar doubts. That is why we understand you and listen carefully. Because we are users too.

The idea of our business arose from a negative user experience. That is why we invest all our knowledge and creative energy in improving relationships with clients. With our chats and automation, your customers will receive accurate, precise, and fast information.

Because we are

We learn and we are proud of it. We improve our knowledge every day, we follow trends by successfully swimming in the digital sea.

Because we
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So far, we have created dozens of chatbots for a wide variety of jobs. From the smallest to the largest, from logistics to sales, from America to Serbia, our solutions are unique, just like our clients.

Our mission

Slick Tech’s mission is to provide its customers with state-of-the-art chatbots that will improve their business. Slick Tech works hard to provide cost-effective service and products that are not just reserved for big market players. We are proud of the availability of our products to small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Our vision

In a fast-paced world like ours, Slick Tech’s vision is to make the most of time. With our chatbots, buy time for yourself and the users of your services. While the bot communicates with your clients, you will have time to take on new success strategies or take a break in your warm family home.
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So don't waste time

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