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Here you can find the chatbot demos for various industries. Feel free to copy our design or UX, if you would like to build a chatbot yourself, and contact us if you need a custom solution that perfectly fits your company’s needs.

Crypto Bot

The crypto frenzy is on and the competition in the industry, between trading platforms, coins, and wallet services is fierce. Crypto Bot allows businesses to attract new users and spread the hype. This chatbot is connected with the Crypto Compare API, which delivers the current cryptocurrency rates (80+ coins and 5 fiats), the latest news and allows users to conduct currency calculations.

Linda Taxi Bot

Linda is a taxi dispatcher chatbot, which retrieves customer location and destination info automatically or from the users’ input, and allows them to check routes and prices and add special requests to their order. The chatbot is connected with mapping API and displays route maps. Its true power is shown when connected to an Uber-like taxi app.

Commodity Bot

Interactive Energy AG, a Swiss company that trades and ships commodities, received a premium commodity trading solution from Slick Bots. This chatbot allows their clients to check current commodity prices from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and encompasses soft commodities, precious metals and oil, and its derivates. Currently, the bot is operating on its website and Telegram app.

Currency Rates Bot

Apart from commodities the Interactive Energy AG chatbot also provides users with the latest currency rates. It is connected to a reliable Forex API. This feature is incredibly useful for professional Forex traders, as well as business people who frequently travel. If you are running a business in the financial sector, make sure you add currency rates check to your bot before your competitors!

Currency Conversion Bot

Currency conversion can be incredibly helpful while traveling or when buying products from other countries online. It also makes Forex traders’ jobs easier. Interactive Energy AG recognized this and decided to add a currency conversion to their chatbot. We have included this feature in their automatic messaging solution by connecting a reliable Forex market data API while adding currency extraction and calculation formulas to the chatbot’s conversation flow.

Marketing Agency Chatbot

Marketing Agency Chatbot extracts user information and exports it to an outside app, so agency employees can create a quote proposal while having all the necessary information. The chatbot is created for the Trasilion marketing agency and works on their website. Apart from generating project information the bot also schedules meetings, shares agency information and works as a feedback form.

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