The Google Cloud is made up of a variety of physical resources, including computers and hard drives, as well as virtual resources, including virtual machines (VMs), that are housed in Google’s data centers all around the world.

In cloud computing, those resources are what we now usally call services. There are many Google Cloud services available, and the list keeps getting longer. When you decide to develop a website or application on Google Cloud, you will combine these services in order to get the infrastructure you need. After that, you can add the code, so you can enable the scenarios you plan to build.

Each of the Google Cloud resources you wish to use must belong to a project. The Google Cloud Console is a platform which helps you manage your Google Cloud projects (GCP). You can create a brand new project or choose an existing one. On your project dashboard, you will find an overview of all available resources and manage them with ease.

Sometimes, you may find yourself in a bit of a project overload, and you may want to free up some space and clean it up. But with Google Cloud Console, there’s a quite common error that prohibits you from deleting certain projects.

Here’s how that error looks like:

Google Cloud Console Project lien error

If you go to Shut Down, you will get a notification that there’s a line stopping the deletion process and it is
originating from a Dialogflow agent. And if you go to Dialogflow, there’s only one agent, not related to the
project you want to delete.

Frustrating, isn’t it?

But if you’ve encountered this issue, no worries! We’ve already done some digging through Google’s documentation, so you don’t have to. And we have found a solution for this. Keep scrolling and check it out.

What is a lien in Google Cloud Console Project?

A “lien” is a lock you can place on your account to avoid deleting it by accident. Since it’s very easy to enable, it is possible you activated it without even knowing.

But even with a lien against your project, you will still be able to delete it. Here is how.

How to delete a Google Cloud Console Project with a lien against it?


1. Activate the cloud shell

What you should do, if you get an error like this, is to activate the cloud shell in the upper right corner.

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Check whether the project you want to delete is the one that’s in the cloud shell you are working in.

2. Type three lines of commands into the cloud shell

Then you should paste these commands, one by one, in the cloud shell:

gcloud config set project <PROJECT_ID>
gcloud alpha resource-manager liens list
gcloud alpha resource-manager liens delete <NAME>

First, copy the first line from the gray box above. You should replace the project ID with the project ID of the project you want to delete. Press the Return key, wait for a little bit, then go to the second command.

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After you’ve done that, the next row will appear and we’re moving onto the second command. Copy the second line from the gray box above.

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No need to type in anything differently here. After pressing the Return key again, you will see this parameter’s name and we’re going to use it in the third command to delete this lien.

Copy the third command from the gray box, and paste it into the cloud shell.

Copy the name you see after “NAME:” and replace it below, after the third command you first pasted (after “delete”).

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After replacing it, press the Return key. The lien should be deleted now and then you can go to shut down he project.

3. Shut down the project

Click the Shut down option in the white area above (next to Settings).

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As you can see, the project is shut down and pending deletion. It will need some time before it gets deleted

Final remarks

Google Cloud Console is an etremely useful platform for managing your Google Cloud resources,  so you want to make the best of it. Since the existence of a “lien” presents a common error, it’s good to know your way around it. We hope this tutorial has helped you and wish you a productive week!

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