Dux-Soup is an impressive and popular automation tool used for personalized LinkedIn outreach. This gets done through automatical engagement via connection requests, sequenced direct messages that are also personalized, and endorsement of skills, towards a goal of accelerating your lead generation by smart prospecting

It becomes even more powerful when connected with other automation software such as Zapier or Make, letting you build additional layers of optimization. To merge Dux-Soup with different automation tools, as previously noted, you are likely going to need a Dux-Soup API key and API URL.

Where can you find Dux-Soup API key and API URL?


Open a new tab in Google Chrome. Click on the Add-ons in the upright corner and choose the Dux-Soup extension. If you don’t have it downloaded yet, you can search for the “Dux-Soup for LinkedIn Automation” in Chrome Web Store and download it.


QT10 1 Chatbots for everyone!

When you open the Dux-Soup extension, likewise, you’ll see Options in the right corner. 

QT10 2 Chatbots for everyone!

Click on it and then follow it up with a click on the Connect tab.

At the very end of this text box, you’ll notice the parameters you need – the URL and the Authentication key. Copy and paste where needed and you are all set to make some great, automated workflows with Dux-Soup.


QT10 3 Chatbots for everyone!


Dux-Soup can be connected with almost any tool inside the automation software, so you can explore its different functions to expand on the existing Dux-Soup features. 

If you are interested in automated conversations, do you know that you can configure them for almost any platform, not just LinkedIn?

Whether you have prior experience with automation or you’re just starting to learn about all of the ways that you can optimize repetitive tasks, you must have noticed the fantastic ability to upscale your business.

Most of the working time is directed towards getting new clients, improving conversion rates, and nurturing relationships with existing customers at any stage of the sales funnel.

The way to further optimize these processes is to implement AI-simulated conversations in your business strategy without losing the quality of the outcome. This applies to both B2B and B2C relations. 

If you would like to see examples of that, a chatbot demo that solves a particular problem or covers an industry, check out our ChatBots


Thank you for reading. Have a nice day!

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