Basic Tutorial for Using – transcript can be a great alternative to Dialogflow. It can be used as the brain of your chatbot, which recognizes users’ intents when they freely type, instead of using buttons.

You can connect it using the API to Many Chat or any other chatbot platform.

1 QT7 Chatbots for everyone!


You can sign up or sign in using your Facebook account, to create a new agent, go to apps, and after you open that, click this “New App” button.

2 QT7 Chatbots for everyone!


Write the name of your app.

Choose your language. Check open and click create.

3 QT7 Chatbots for everyone!


Now, when you have created a new app, you should define intents, you want your chatbot to recognize.

Click “Intents” and then click “+ Intent”. Write the name of the intent, for example: “pricing questions”, and click next.

4 QT7 Chatbots for everyone!


This intent should recognize the questions about price for certain products.

To train your intent,you should add a few samples. Go to “Understanding” and start typing them.

5 QT7 Chatbots for everyone!


To allow your chatbot to better understand users’ questions, you should also add entities.

So an entity is a certain word within the sentence or certain phrase or group of words that you want your chatbot to understand and use it to better understand the intent.

So, mark this word, and type the name of the entity you want to create. And click “Create Entity”.

6 QT Chatbots for everyone!


The Entity will be marked here.

Now, you choose the intent here and click “Train and Validate”.

You should add a few samples in order for the chatbot to start recognizing this. Mark entities. Train and Validate.

As you can see, the recognition now is automatic, you can just add new entities here. Train and validate.

The rest of the samples, your app will receive from your chatbot through the API Channel.

7 QT7 Chatbots for everyone!


To check these user questions, go to “Utterances”, and all of them will be in this list.

These are the ones we added by hand, but when you connect your chatbot, there’s going to be dozens or even hundreds of these here.

So you can check whether they have triggered the right intent.

By regularly checking, you improve your chatbot performance.

Connecting this to ManyChat is very easy and we’re going to deal with this in our next tutorial.

Thank you. Have a nice day.

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