How to Create a Basic Rating System in ManyChat Bot? transcript

Hello, in this video, I’m going to show you how to make a basic rating system for a product, in your bot in ManyChat.

So, let’s start from the message where we motivate users to rate our product.  We give them a choice between 1 and 5.  Then, depending on their choice, we set the User Rating custom field to their rating number. So it can be from 1 to 5. And of course, the user rating custom field that you’re going to make should be a number field.

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After that, we start another three actions. For this 3 bot fields. Remember, not custom fields, bot fields! We will need a bot field called Rating Sum, we will need a bot field called Number of Users and the one called Average Rating, and they all should be number bot fields.

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So, the first action, for the field Rating Sum  we use a custom formula to add User Rating custom field value to the current value of the Rating Sum. so, rating sum plus User Rating.

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In the second action, we increase the number of users by one and this will happen every time because every time a new user gives a rating we increase the number of by one.

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We do that, so we can divide the Rating Sum with the Number of Users and that is how we get the Average Rating bot field.

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Depending on the rating, we can display the bot field to our users, or we don’t need to do that if the rating is too low. We can use conditional for that.

Another way you can use conditionals in this rating system, is to prompt users to leave a review on Amazon or some other e-commerce website. For example, here, if the user rating is greater than 4, we will ask our users to leave a review. If it’s smaller, we’ll just tell them that we are making product better by day and so on, and so on.

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So, let’s now test this rating system. We click preview here and we get a new message. At the moment. I set all ratings to zero. I’m just going to give the product a five rating and the average rating is now five. I can leave a review.

But if we test again, and I give it a 1. The average rating should be 3, as you can see, and the bot does not ask me to leave a review.

So that’s all. Take care and have a nice day. Goodbye


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