In one of our previous articles, we have mentioned the benefits of using the Instagram Channel within ManyChat. Today, we are going to dive deeper into the subject of Instagram marketing automation, concentrating on connecting Instagram Ads and ManyChat. 

Regardless of whether you aspire to raise awareness about your product, want to get more leads, or turn prospective customers into regular buyers. You can rely on automated Instagram Direct Messages to bring you closer to achieving your business goals. 

Steps to making a ManyChat – Instagram DM connection:


1) Create a chatbot flow in ManyChat 


For the trigger, you want to be using the Instagram Keyword. To set it up, click the Add Trigger, then in the Triggers menu select Instagram Keyword. When you select it, type in a word or a phrase you want your potential buyers to click. It’s crucial to attract people with some appealing offer, so they engage in a further conversation. 

For example, your Keyword can be Purchase, Special Discount, or Find Out Now

The next step is to construct a trigger message that proceeds right after the Keyword. Here you can utilize your creativity, but do not go too far. Simple and straight to the point is what works the best. If you fancy showing a photo of the product, now is the time and the place. 

Don’t forget to publish your flow before continuing. 


2) Head over to the Ads Manager


  • To create an Ad go to the Campaigns page and click on the Create New Campaign button. It will take you to choose your campaign objective. Choosing Messages as an objective will assure that your targeted audience can engage with you on Messenger, WhatsApp, or in this case, Instagram. 

Set up the name for your campaign and fill out the rest of the requirements according to your preferences. 

  • When you come to the Messaging Apps, select Instagram so that it appears in your Ad and enables connection. Put in a correct Instagram account that is associated with your Ads Manager. Likewise, select the Facebook Page connected to your Instagram Account. Then, set up further campaign adjustments such as budget, target audience, placements, and rest. 
  • This step involves creating the actual Ad text and adding visuals. The side preview shows how the Ad will be displayed to your audience.

Now we have come to the essential part of this tutorial.

How to connect the Ad button to the Instagram Direct. 


  • Choose the Create New button in the Messages template section of your campaign. You can also use a message template if you already have one. 

Text of this message is sent to the user after they click on your Ad from your Instagram account, so make sure it’s compelling and has only one call to action. Therefore, you shall delete other questions.

After a user clicks on the call to action button that you just set up, this text message is sent to your Instagram account, which will trigger the Instagram Keyword and start the automated flow. 

  • Click Save and finish

I hope that after reading this, you are well versed in connecting Instagram Ads with ManyChat. If you lack time to do it on your own, need help with setting it up, or simply want to automate a different tool, you can contact us here.


Stay tuned for more valuable content and tutorials. Thank you for reading. Have a nice day. 

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